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Thursday, 4 December 2008

It's About the Money, Honey!

Money is a good servant and a bad master. But still nobody can deny the importance of money. However, people who made it big have always been real people like you and me. Let us find out what it takes to make it big. Regardless of geographical boundaries, it has been observed that some of the girls or women next door have made it, surprising many of us. These ordinary women are very normal and general people, leading very simple lives but they made it big with their personal expertise, perseverance and experiences. The thing I found interesting, which they have quoted in the show as well is- most of the women millionaires were teachers at one point of their lives. The author of “The Millionaire Woman Next Door” said that a teacher is more disciplined and calculative when it comes to money matters. Therefore, they have what it takes to be a millionaire or a crorepati. Oprah also quoted that it’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how much you keep! So true! If you cannot keep the money with you, you can never become a millionaire. Most of the millionaire people, especially millionaire women shop where there is discount. They do their shopping only after thinking what to buy and how much to buy.

Shopping lists always help, provided you made it at home and promise yourself to stick to it. Keeping a notepad and pen in the kitchen always help. Jotting down the things to be bought as and when they are finished help tremendously as 90% of the household shoppers tend to forget a few necessary things to buy and end up buying stuff that they can do without. Monthly shopping is a good idea for small families. This way they can keep tab on the monthly expenses and requirements. Moreover, it helps the fretting when guests come in as you have enough food as well as time to entertain them.

However, a bimonthly grocery shopping routine helps multiple or joint families. That way you can get rid of the pain of hoarding things in the kitchen closet. If you are serious about saving money you can follow these points and see how helpful it is.

In the kitchen:
  • If time permits, cook everything keeping the gas in sim,
  • Pressure cook as much as you can. This not only saves time but preserves the nutrition also.
  • Use the kitchen exhaust fan only when necessary,
  • Cut, peel, dice, grind the vegetables and meat and fish as required and keep them ready near the cooking area before you start cooking.
  • Keep cooking water ready near the cooking area.
  • Keep the casseroles ready to keep your cooked items.
  • Switch off the gas cylinder first before switching off the burner knob,
  • Recycle water as much as possible,
  • Try to cook the exact amount required if not less.
@ home
  • Keep all the electric switches off when not in use,
  • Keep all the water taps tightly closed when not in use,
  • Use daylight instead of electric lights whenever and wherever possible,
  • While using electronic mosquito repellents, keep the doors and windows closed for maximum effect.
  • Use a TV light while watching TV and switch off the lights in the rooms that are not being used.
  • Use reading lamps while reading
  • Wash clothes on alternate days and/or when there are enough dirty clothes to justify the capacity of the washing machine.
  • If possible buy soaps, detergent and disinfectants in a sale or at a discount rate.
  • Keep aside some money for buying perishable items like milk, vegetables, bread etc and stick to your budget.
  • Pay your bills on time
@ work
  • Go Dutch whenever it is possible. While communicating to and from the office offer/request colleagues to share the cab
  • Avoid eating outside. Carry your lunch from home, its cheap, healthy and satisfying too
  • Use 'office stationary' for office work
  • Be organised when it comes to your personal, financial matters
A school principal, mother of three says, "saving money is an art. You need to learn and practice the art, to master it."

Saving money has become more convenient today with profitable and interesting savings schemes offered by different financial institutions. All you need is a little time to find out which scheme suits you the best. Wish us all, the best of luck!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Terror and India - When Enough Is Enough


A Still from Ganeshguri (Guwahati, Assam) Blast on October 30, 2008. 

Now, what next? Do we wait to cry and remorse over another attack or do we actually do something to stop this? Last month end (October 30) my homeland Assam suffered the blow, this month end; it’s the dream city of India, Mumbai.

First of all, I salute the commandos of National Security Group, Marine Commandos and Mumbai police whose tireless effort won. But nobody can undo the damages done, lives lost and the dents made.

I think its time we give ourselves a New Year gift next month end. Let us all be a commando in our own way. Let’s pledge to be alert about our surroundings, be true citizens by being responsible towards our motherland. Let us not give in to anymore terror attacks, evil deeds. Let us be fearless enough to question and seek answers for these repeated attacks on humanity and for not doing anything about it. Let us be true Indians.

The Mumbai incident shows the involvement of Pakistan in more than one way. But is someone doing something about it? We are yet to see results of previous incidences that had claimed so many lives in Mumbai only. But the homeland of terrorists simply denies everything.

My feeling is, our GOODNESS is being taken as our weakness. But this Mumbai incident should be a proof enough to let the whole world know that, we are not here to succumb to evil forces. Evil deeds like killing innocent people, creating terror and destroying property can never give any good to anyone. The God the terrorists worship will also not approve of what they did. Because, every religion believes that GOOD always WINS over evil.

Another Still from Assam Blasts October 30, 2008

On a more personal level, however, I would also like to say something here. It seems the media, the Centre all care about the big cities and metros only. The bomb blasts that had happened in Assam on one single day did not get as elaborate a coverage as Mumbai did, though the lives lost and damages occurred was no less. Does that mean that the loss of lives in Assam is less important than Mumbai? Why there are no follow ups on that in any news channel? The government of Assam is doing nothing to catch the culprits, simply to protect their win next election. The greed for power is making each and everyone in authority, cheats. Ask any ordinary Assamese and he/she will say who is responsible for the blasts. But the government seems to have no clue. I felt like mentioning this, just as an additional food for thought.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

just trying

I always thought how nice it would be, if I could post blogs to my
blog from my mobile phone or e-mail! So, I am trying to do just that

Monday, 24 November 2008

Train Journey by Janshatabdi

The General Compartment

I generally dislike train journey by general class, meaning the class other than the air conditioned class. No, I am not a snob. But I just cannot take the smell of sweat and toilet cocktailed in the same compartment. It’s absolutely nauseating. This time, i.e. yesterday, I had to, yes “had to” board the general class chair car of Janshatabdi for a 4-hour journey to a nearby town. Janshatabdi has a very good reputation all over India for being one of the most efficient and good train services in India. Ok, I took the decision to check it out, hoping, may be, it’s general class chair car will be a little improved and better than other trains.

It was scantily occupied and the 3 : 2 seating arrangement was looking good. It was cleaner than I expected. Most of the window seats were occupied and I got one too. Great.

A river Bridge on the way

The journey started. I was happy to get a window seat. It's late autumn and people would either not sweat or would sweat less. Even if some smelly cats do manage to board the train later, I had my windy window seat to give me fresh air from outside. The large window of the seat I occupied was to be shared by two rows of seats. A middle aged man was sitting on the window seat in front of me. Soon after the train started, the man seated in front of me, started sneezing once…twice...thrice…five times ... without covering his mouth. Then he spat through the window! How disgusting was that!!! And guess what? He didn’t even say ‘excuse me’ or even ‘sorry’. Argh…utterly disgusting! I tried to protect myself from all the bacteria that was let loose in the atmosphere by covering my face. I cursed myself for not listening to my 6th sense. It was shouting its heart out asking me to give in to the second thought I had before boarding the general compartment.
The Paddy Field and Flower beds

Well, after making me suffer like hell, he fell asleep. I thanked God for small mercies. Once the train started, I tried to enjoy the outside view and clicked a few landscapes that appealed to me.

Another passenger, a boy almost my age seemed to be a music lover. Well, by now, everyone in the compartment knew it. Some shrieking Hindi movie songs were playing in his all-in-one mobile phone and we had no choice but to hear it and bear it. Well, may be he was yet to be introduced to a thing called the ‘head-phone’; especially when travelling by a public mode of transport!

The train was scheduled at 6.20 in the morning. I was surprised at the "have seen all, done all," couple sitting behind. They were some early risers and early eaters I guessed! The man was burping non-stop and yes, sitting on the front seat I could hear his amplified burps that must have given him a repeat taste of whatever he had gorged in the morning. Eew!!!!!!!

I thought and told myself, "am I over-reacting or is it meant to be always like this in this part of the train!?" Well, then I realised, it’s not the general compartment that was to be blamed. It’s the people. Why is it like this, that some people do not know the basic manners? I kept questioning myself…the whys and whats and hows…all kept coming to my mind but without any answer.

But yes, one thing is certain for me now, I will never travel general class again, no matter how short that journey is!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Nokia N73 Music Edition

My World is in it :-)

Yes, I have it and it is one of the best mobile phones Nokia has ever produced. It’s been 2 and half years since I have been using this phone and NO I have no intention to replace it with anything else. If I HAVE TO buy another phone, it will be Nokia N 73 again. Apart from the usual phone tasks that it is most efficient at, it is also an excellent camera phone with Carl Zeiss lens and 3.2 mega pixels. Outstanding music quality and sound system, conveniently large screen, light weight, very handy size and superb Internet accessibility makes it the PERFECT MOBILE PHONE. Need I say more? I love it. Go buy.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Reminiscence of a Passion

An aeriel view of the largest river in India, Brahmaputra, in Guwahati, Assam
Gardening is not just a hobby. It’s a passion of the heart. I have been sticking to this passion of mine in wherever I had been to. Gardening in GuwahatiAssam was the easiest, so was growing up :-). The climate there is moderate and very comfortable. The seasons are distinct in their own style. So, the perennial and seasonal flowers bloom their hearts out when it’s their time of the season.

Satmool, a herb creeper in full bloom in my Guwahati home

In Delhi, where I had spent the best and longest professional tenure, had its own charm. The winter in Delhi is simply the best winter I had ever experienced. 
The supply of flowering plants had never been an issue. The perennial, seasonal all satisfy you. I was lucky enough to stay in two houses where both had huge balconies to keep many containers.
Rose Garden, Jubilee Park, Tatanagar

Then, the destined cycle of several movements occurred in my life. Tatanagar in Jamshedpur comes first when I think of the variety that I’ve got for my garden. Having another home in Jamshedpur/Tatanagar definitely helped me in taking my own time in exploring the plant outlets and huge nurseries. It’s a pleasant trip every time. The unusual collection could be due to the proximity of the TATAs with the rest of the world. The collection is very satisfying.

TISCO Nursery

Then came along in my list of places of residence, the beautiful and picturesque hilly terrain in the bordering state of northeastern India, Mizoram. Gardening became a full time job as the climate is erratic and totally unpredictable. 

My Mizoram Garden

5 minutes of sunshine and 5 minutes of downpour and 5 minutes of cloud and endless minutes of strong wind make it difficult to keep several plants I loved to keep. The Gazanias will flower in the morning and when the sunshine goes it winds up its bloom. The Verbena suffered due to the untimely rain. Nasturtium simply gave up. However, I managed to grow a lot.

National Highway 7, on my way to Hyderabad

Then my professional life took me to Hyderabad. A total opposite of the hill station. Hot, dry and a city on stones. Though, this time, I learnt a lot about hardy plants. I learnt about cactus and succulents and I found a lot of plants actually love this kind of climate. Hyderabad also added to my collection of plants.


Now, my present home is in the eastern coastal region of India. Ever since we have come to this coastal area I am learning new things about gardening. However, there is a pre-condition this time. I do not have space to keep a lot of containers. So, in containers, my collection is small that include, curry leaves, coriander, chillies, Aloe Vera, neem, hibiscus, lily, fishtail fern, Sword fern, Tradescantia zebrine, Vinca Victoria or Noyontora, Gardenia and a few more. As mentioned in my previous post, necessity is making me learn about Vertical Gardening. I am into collecting climbers, vines and creepers now. A few common ones are keeping me happy so far. Looking forward to collect some more……

Friday, 7 November 2008

Vertical Gardening

Gardening has always been an intense hobby since my childhood. I am fascinated by the work of Mother Nature and God. Its nothing but the work of art by God Himself. This hobby has come to me through heredity. Yes, my father is into fruits gardening as a hobby and my mother simply loves a kitchen and flower garden in her front yard. Though age and work is keeping my parents away from pursuing their hobbies, I am addicted to this passion of gardening. I have been planting seedlings and assisting my parents whenever they worked in my paternal home garden. Even during my college and university days I always had a plant or a container on my desk. More...

Thursday, 30 October 2008

The suckers did it again- Serial Blasts in Assam

Today is the black day in the history of not only, Assam and India but for humanity in general. 18 serial blasts in the crowded market places by unidentified terrorists cannot be justified in any way. I don’t know what to say to whom! The corruption of the Tarun Gogoi government in the state of Assam, the step motherly attitude of the Central government towards the state and the out of way love of Congress towards Bangladeshi immigrants and other illegal immigrants are some of the reasons of this situation in my homeland Assam. Yes we are helpless now, but not for very long. The nonsensical terror traders, just know that we are not cowards like you to stab from the back. We can take you all - head on. Only thieves and cowards do things like you did. It will be better if the concerned understand the intensity of things coming their way. Do not underestimate the peace loving Assamese. We are the sons and daughters of Lachit, Mula Gabhoru and Chilarai.

So far the Bangladeshis are concerned; get back to your country beggars.

For the good for nothing sons of the soil who encourage these kind of terror in their own motherland, you are the worst suckers ever.

The above photograph is by: Anupam Nath

Monday, 27 October 2008

Life is good again

It’s nice to be back to normal people with normal choices, likes and dislikes. Life is good again. I have re-started my balcony garden and I am learning new things everyday. We took a house on the seventh heaven, I mean the seventh floor of a posh apartment complex and I am enjoying the stay here. It took me 3 months to finally make my house a perfect home. You all are welcome to enjoy it.

Now that you know the reason of me being absent from this blog, I am sure you would have forgiven me already. Yes yes, I AM going to be regular from now on and I’ll keep posting the ‘reflections’ more often than before.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Hi again...

Its been really long...
well, i am here just to say that, I'll be regular soon. c ya.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


The countdown to my birthday begins today. Every year, I make sure that every single member of my family has a wonderful birthday. I arrange the decoration and party etc, with whatever capacity I can manage. But on my birthday, I never get it back....yeah that's my problem, I expect.
But anyway, this time, as incurable as I am...
I am expecting a great birthday. Looking for pleasant surprises let c, what happens. I'll post the detailed even of the day here.....
keep visiting.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fool

Today is April Fool's day. But unlike last years...I didnt fool anyone, nor anybody fooled me. Thats because I am in a place where it sucks. Every single hour of every single day sucks here. I am in Aizawl, Mizoram, India-the God forbidden place. Oh lord, rescue me from here.........

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Non Mizo curfew

Have you ever heard of a curfew for Indians in India? Yes, it happens only in Mizoram. In Chak De India, the movie, the Mizo girl who says "apne he desh main apko mehmaan bolnese, aapko keisa lagega?" is exactly what they are doing to the people who come here for work purpose (as in, after being posted here) and who are non Mizo. However, the difference in the scene here is that the Non-Mizos are not treated as "mehmaan" here; they are treated as foreigners (who are wanted only if they are here to give them money) and they call them VAIs.Its true that if the supply of necessary items do not come through India (as they call the rest of the country); these people will simply die after their stock is over. They are eating Central government fund and doing nothing to utilise the fund allotted for the respective work. This is one of the most corrupt government systems available in the country.To all, whoever wants to or unwillingly has to come here: Beware of the strong discrimination towards Non-Mizos, which is visible/prevalent in EVERYTHING.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Zubeen's Zindegi Rocks

Zindegi rocks and Zubeen rocks again. Zubeen’s latest Hindi pop album Zindegi is selling like hot cakes in the market and why not? It has all the necessary ingredients of a hit album. The title track “Zindegi” equals spontaneous Zubeen, (this track reminded me of…..remember "Maya"?) Then it has the super melodious sufiana “Jia re jia re” with a melancholy tinge-perfect to listen to it alone and/or with company. “Tu hi tu” and “Pal pal bekal” follows Jia re jia re and Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan and Chitra also does justice to the heart felt lyrics.
The high energy “Nazren karam ho” by Zubeen is bound to make your feet tap wherever you are. On the sixth track Zubeen wants to fly with the Parindaa in “Udte parindon ke” and well, he has got his wish fulfilled as he is flying high already. Chitra’s “Sham dhal jaaye” takes you to the wonderland-better than that of Alice.
“Jia lage na” keeps your Jia singing with the melody of this song. Swing and dance is what you will do once you listen to it.
The remixed version of the title track “Zindegi kahin gum hai” scored more that the “normal” Zindegi in my scale. Love Zubeen’s hummings-anyday, anytime. Alaap did a good job of remixing at his Mumbai workstation. The house remixed version of the “Udte parindon ke” rocks. Remixed by DJ Nawab and my favourite Nikhil Chinappa-the pulpy-MTV VJ.
The earthy Kailash Kher once said that the barambarata (repeated) of words makes a song more melodious. Rightfully proved in this album once again. Zubeen’s pronunciation of Hindi and Urdu words is highly appreciable. The arrangement of the songs is excellent as it keeps you guessing. Zubeen has “locked” the success of this album by going that extra mile in the form of back breaking grass root level marketing. To wind up my review of Zindegi, all I can say is that “Zindegi” rocks and it’s worth every sikka.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Flower Power!

Corn flower is definitely one of the most beautiful flowers God has ever made. I got introduced to this flower on 30th December 2007 in the flower market in my locality. I fell in love with it instantly. I wanted to have them in my garden and asked the flower seller if I could get some seeds. She said, yes, in February. Oh I am happy! Here is another photograph with the flower selling girl.
Now, after the help of orkut community Gardens and Gardening and a few more googling made me know a lot about this wonderful flower. In case you also want to be wiser and know a little bit (or a loads) more about this flower, see these links:


Liked it?

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