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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Mile` Sur Mera Tumhara (Old)

This is one song that makes me emotionally overwhelmed every time I listen to or watch it. So many memories of my childhood become fresh like it was yesterday! The big Television set in the living room, running from my study table to watch this song where I got to see so many celebrities in one single video, the variety of sur and the people of different states of India....this song is like a complete experience and a complete picture. I know for a fact that no "Phir Mile Mera Sur" or remake of “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” can be as melodious as this one. This is a classic example of unity in diversity that signifies India. I love this song. India is truly incredible!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Incredible India

A baul singer of West Bengal

I was on my way to Shanti Niketan, in the Inter-City Express to Bolpur. One saffron gown clad man entered the chair car compartment. The thought – “here comes another magician, who would annoy every passenger by asking for money after he is done with his tricks” - came to my mind. But I was so wrong! Instead, this soft spoken man sang some soulful and melodious baul song. Keeping rhythm with his ghungroo on one of his ankles, he was creating effortless music with the dotara he had on his hands. Once he was done with his first number, the passengers requested for more. He obliged with a smile. I couldn’t resist the moment. I knew, I cannot get a better picture that says, “Incredible India" - literally!

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