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Monday, 28 February 2011

The Story of Seven Brothers

FYI, it's just a pic, don't use as reference :)
Have you ever felt lost and undecided while deciding on what to wear to work? The mornings on weekdays for me are like clockwork. The clock decides what I do next and when I get out of the house. So, most of the time, I do not have time to think anything. I run on auto-pilot and do my morning rituals like, brushing, bathing, eating, packing tiffin and getting ready. Now, comes the difficult part – the getting ready part! Deciding on what to wear, used to take me almost 5 to 10 minutes every day. I used to open my closet and go through the shirts/tops and trousers and stare at those getting confused on what to wear for that day. Well, one day I decided to save this clothes-browsing time and started thinking of a solution.
I have an aunt (she used to be my neighbor in Delhi and used to feed me delicious South Indian fare) who now lives in Chennai. She used to tell me that every day of the week has a colour code. According to her, on a particular day, we must wear a particular colour. I remember her saying that astrologically, it helps to have a good day as well. Complicated? Not really. Since I remembered the colours and their respective days, I decided to find my solution of clothes-browsing here. I thought and came up with this poem. I have taken a print out of this poem and stuck it on the inside of the closet door. Here I am, sharing the poem with all of you:
The Story of Seven Brothers
Here is a story of seven brothers,
Six of them were crazy about colours.
Monday is the eldest, who loves to wear white,
As, white seems to make him feel alright.
Wearing the colour red to enjoy,
Tuesday wishes all happiness and joy.
Wednesday is the most productive teen,
Who loves it if you give him the colour green.
Being in the middle of the brothers’ row,
Thursday prefers primary yellow.
Friday is cool and loves the grey,
Blue in any shade means Saturday.
Sunday is the laid-back lazy son,
He seems to be happy with anything on.
Remembering their unique colour choices,
Respectively wear them for sure success!!!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Medica Superspeciality Hospital

It can never be a good feeling if you or anyone of your family has to go to a hospital, particularly in an emergency. However, sometimes, you just cannot avoid it. I generally don’t like hospitals. I am sure I share this feeling with many of you reading this blog. Recently, I had to take my partner to a hospital in an emergency. I had to call for an ambulance for that and I don’t remember experiencing anything like this ever. Whenever I think of that day, I don’t know how I faced the situation and came out of it so coolly.
At the moment of my despair, I was undecided on which hospital to go to. A friend of ours suggested us to go to Medica Superspeciality Hospital which is the nearest hospital we have. So, the friend called up the emergency number and an ambulance was arranged and which reached our residence within 10 minutes. We reached the hospital and admitted my partner in the emergency room. We were made to wait outside while the doctors attended to the patient urgently.
While waiting outside, I realized one thing that the hospital didn’t feel like a hospital at all. The usual smell of disinfectant mopping solution, smell of medicine etc, none of it was there in the atmosphere. It suddenly made me feel positive and less depressed. The waiting room of the emergency unit was well organized with clean and colourful seating arrangements and a television in front of the seating area.
A nurse called me from the emergency room as the doctor wanted to talk to me. My heart skipped a beat. Well, I didn’t know what on earth….the doctor had to say! He said nothing is wrong with my partner, except that he had an acute attack of spondylosis. The doctor said that we would have to keep him in the hospital for a day or two so that they can do some tests to be sure that there was nothing wrong otherwise. I agreed.
We were transferred to a single occupancy cabin on the 6th floor that evening. Keeping him in the hospital cabin with a friend, I went home to get some clothes to change at night and some other necessary things for the night stay. Since there was no one at home, I parked the car in the hospital parking area and went upstairs to attendant to my partner.
When you enter the lobby area from the car dropping area, it is difficult to accept that it is not the lobby of a five star hotel but a lobby area of a hospital. The lobby has relaxing sofas, coffee shops and a huge reception area with artificial and real greenery landscaping the place beautifully. Here, any patient will feel at home, leave alone the feelings of the attendants. The lifts of the hospital were very clean, smooth, spacious and well maintained with a lift-man or lift-woman attending to it 24x7.
Reaching the 6th floor, I entered the cabin after crossing a long spacious corridor donned with beautiful paintings on the wall. The cabin was spacious with a beautiful large glass window overlooking the front garden of the hospital. The furnishings were in whites and off-whites with  little furniture inside the cabin. There were two beds, one for the patient and one for the attendant.  The bathroom was sparkling clean with large white fresh towels and a pack of toiletries for the patient. The hand shower was of a handy length and there were enough handles for the patient to hold on to.
The maintenance is very meticulous and strictly supervised. However, the frequent visits to the cabin by the housekeeping became annoying especially during the afternoons.
The friendly nurses, dutiful doctors, attendants and the well stocked quick servicing canteen really made our stay in the hospital less painful and more satisfying. We were released after 2 days of our stay there. I thank God for the quick recovery of my partner. While thinking of the hospital, I sincerely hope that Medica Superspeciality Hospital maintains the quality of its services and maintenance forever with no compromise whatsoever.

For more information on the hospital, click here:

Monday, 14 February 2011

The eyes are the jewels of the body

It is said that the eyes are the jewels of the body and rightfully so. Of late, I have been thinking about my own eyes a lot. Yes, I know you must be raising your eyebrows thinking – now what’s with the eye thing?! Well, there is nothing wrong really.
Recently I bought an iPad, 64 GB with 3G. Yes, feels great and I am hopelessly falling in love with it. However, this has made me think about the increase in the usage of the eyes for electronics and things/gadgets with a screen.
When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that if I watch too much of television, my eyes will go bad. When I was in standard 8, I was prescribed spectacles for myopia. I still wear glasses and thankfully the power has not increased over the years. Television, according to my mother, is in a way, a source of light and the way our eyes hurt when we keep staring at a light bulb, our eyes actually get hurt when we stare at a screen for long hours too. I don’t know if she is right or wrong. But I agree to the logic here. While using the iPad I realised how much I stare on an electronic gadget’s screen and how much it must be hurting my eyes. 
I work for a travel magazine now. Apart from editing articles and making the magazine using the computer, I also keep in touch with my friends through a computer. A screen again! During the day, I spend eight full hours staring at the screen with very few small breaks in between. When I come home, I either watch TV or I am with my iPad. If I am not doing these, I am either using my mobile phone to text/call friends or using an iPod, music player to listen to music and all these come with a display screen. Coming to think of it, I stare at a screen most of the waking hours of my day!
Now, the question is, how much can our eyes take? Today, I realised that eyes are the greatest gifts of God and if we are running out of reason, as respect for Him, we must take care of our eyes. Like I mentioned before, the eyes are the jewels of the body and we must take special care of our eyes as we do to the precious jewels we possess.


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