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Day 2

The Magic Book says, if you miss a day, restart the practice back from the last three days of the missed day. Well, I missed the second day itself. So, I restarted the practice from Day 1. However, I agree with my friend Nina from Germany that we must read the entire book first, as it needs some preparation before we start the practice. I read about five days last night and I think I am good to go now.
The practice of the Day 2 needs you to have a stone to hold on to. A stone that is smooth and cozy to hold inside your hand. Then, at bed time, you must remember the best thing that has happened during the day and express gratitude for the same.
My Magic Stone is a bundle of positivity as it has a nice story behind it. I am going to continue the Day 2 of the practice as long as I can…every single day of my life.


Today was the Day 1 of practicing the book called the Magic. The first chapter or the first day practice wants you to “Count your Blessings”. I did. According to the book, if you count your blessings, you will have more such blessings to keep counting. In other words, you will get what you think more of. While reading the Day 1, an “aha moment” sparked in my mind. I suddenly could correlate a happening, or an observation that happened when I was a small girl. 
I was fond of keeping my colourful clothes well folded in my cupboard and sometimes, say twice a month I used to count my best clothes. I have always noticed that whenever I counted my best clothes I used to get a new one sooner or later. It was like a miracle for me. I even went ahead and recorded it once. I counted the clothes, noted it down on a note pad with the date of counting and the number of clothes. A week later, an aunt of mine gifted me a frock. I was super thrilled. Back then, I didn’t know about the Law of Attraction or the Magic, as they say it now. I just knew that my clothes grew in number whenever I counted them. It was like a miracle for me. But when I think of it now, I realise that the magic was always there, even when I was a child!
Today I counted my blessings and yes, I am going to bed feeling much content and grateful for everything that I have today and for everything that I am today. Thank you!

Guest contribution by Nina de Koy:

A Magic Awakening

We all know those days…
We wake up and just feel that this day will not be our best and what will happen? Exactly - everything seems to go wrong the breakfast toast may be burned the favourite t-shirt gets a jam stain, we miss the bus and come late to work and so it goes on and on. 
What about Friday the 13th? Statistics say that indeed, on this day more accidents happen on this day than on others, not because it would really be a dangerous day but because we fear it and have negative thoughts about it.
So, how powerful are our thoughts?
A few years ago, I stumbled about the first book of Rhonda Byrnes called "The Secret". According to what I´ve read there everything that happens in our life is a result of what we have thought before.
This kind of thinking we´ll find through nearly all ancient cultures or religions. It´s worth getting a closer look into this.
The 3rd book of Rhonda Byrnes it the “Magic” and it is giving us some tools to integrate the power of positive thinking in our all day life. In 28 days - each day with a new exercise - it shall change our thinking and with it shall change our lives.
I´m happy to have met Manashree here who also wants to do this and together we want to write down our thoughts, feelings and experiences while practicing the “Secret”.
Here, I am going to co-write my experiences of the daily practice along with her and would appreciate if you could do the same as well. Here’s my Day 1:
Day 1 is about to have a positive start into our day. Instead of getting entangled in those mostly negative things that are running wildly through our heads immediately after waking up, we should write down 10 things we are grateful for and add why we are grateful for this. Then go through the list again point by point and in our mind and say "thank you, thank you, thank you" after each point and really try to feel it as much as we can. This exercise is to do as soon as we can in the morning to make sure the positive feeling we get from it leads us into a really magical day.
We can do this in a special journal - which I have chosen for myself. You can type it in your pc or a notebook whatever you prefer. This is an exercise we need to continue over the next 28 days so at the end we´ll see 280 reasons for being thankful in our life in writing amazing thought. Our life might be a lot richer than we are aware of now. For me I can say after having done this exercise I started my day with a big smile. 
Have a wonderful day all of you out there.



The Attitude of Gratitude

On March 25, 2012, on my way back from a weekend trip to Agra, I picked up this book by Rhonda Byrne, called, the Magic. While waiting in the airport lounge, I read the first two chapters of the book and I realized that it is a day-by-day practice of 28 days. Today, since my desk is clean of office work, I thought of continuing my read of the Magic and started reading it in the morning. The moment I continued reading, I realized that the Law of Attraction worked on the day of my purchasing this book too. Yes, I do believe in it.

On March 25, after reading the first two chapters, an interesting thing happened. Generally I am a self-help junkie and some of the people in my circle make fun of such books. Hence, I was a little uncomfortable thinking that may be; people who see the cover of the book will judge me to be a loser or something like that. I was even thinking of putting a cover on the book, so that, nobody came to know what I was reading. However, the moment I entered the business class suite to take my allotted seat, I was comfortable to read whatever I want and however I want it. I kept my books (I also had two more magazines with me, Conde Nast Traveller and the Lonely Planet) on the desk and made myself comfortable. The air hostess came in with multi coloured juice glasses with her and was excited to see the Magic on my desk. The conversation went like this:

She: Wow, are you reading this book?
Me: (Thinking…oh no…) Yes, I am. Just bought it.
She: I will read it too. I loved the two other books as well. Have you read them? Isn’t it amazing how the Law of Attraction works?
Me: (Thinking…”Thank God” she is not going to judge me.) Yes, I know. I believe in the law.
She: Okay, happy reading!
Me: (picking up a glass of apple juice) Thank you!

Well, that, indeed was the first positivity the book gave me.

Today is the Day 1 of the practice session of the “Count your Blessings”, I call it the "Attitude of Gratitude". I can already feel the positivity coming. I am going to share the daily life experience here, while practicing the Magic for the next 28 days. I know I will be travelling in between, as I am going to attend a major travel and MICE event IT&CM in Shanghai, but, according to the book, I am supposed to practice it without clearing my calendar. So, here I go…


Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions

I have been following the Live A Better Life in 30 Days Challenge (30DLBL) day by day. My life is tightly scheduled with writing assignments, deadlines, two kinds of classes to attend and a must do regime at the gym. However, when I came across Celestine Chua’s 30DLBL Challenge, I knew I had to do it regardless of the time constraint. It was about living my life to the fullest. I thought of it as an opportunity to improve my life. Hence, I took the plunge. 

While doing the task of Day 1-the Life Wheel, I felt as if someone woke me up with a jolt from my slumber. The Life Wheel of Day 1 showed me the imbalance my life had. I am glad I got the insight. (I recommend you to do the life wheel exercise once). Now, I am readying myself to live my life to the fullest by envisioning my ideal life (Task of day 2) and having my Vision Board of (Task of Day 3). Task of Day 3 was fun! :) I always had a picture of what I want, so putting it up on the vision board was easy for me. I used to keep those photographs/magazine cut-outs of my desirables/dreams/destinations inside books. (I have this habit of keeping things inside the books I read, including cash.) But with the vision board, I have them at one place where I can see them every single day! So, my vision board was ready in a jiffy. I feel this vision board is helping me to remain focused on my dreams. The following quotation has inspired me to no end while doing the vision board:

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” 
~ Albert Einstein

One of my Vision Boards!
Hence, I dared to actually imagine life the way I want it to be. I am glad I am doing this 30DLBL :).

Task of Day 4 required lots of extra reading of Celestine’s blog, but each and every one of it was worth a focused reading. I feel more in sync with myself now. Day 4 was about having your life’s “Mission Statement”. While reading the connected readings on creating your mission statement, I came accross a statement, a question that I needed to ask myself:

If you were to have to do something for the rest of your life, without getting paid a single dime, what would you want that thing to be?

...........and I’ve got my answer. :) More about this later....


Law of Attraction

Many a times, I have read, in churches and especially in Christian literatures that if you seek, you will get. However, it was a mere statement for me until I read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
I have read about the power of thoughts and how the frequencies of our thoughts attract what we are thinking about. I was amazed by the book The Secret and wanted to experiment with the “Law of Attraction” that it talks about. 

While discussing the book with my online friends one day, a lot of them suggested that I should watch the movie of the same book. They were so convinced that the movie is much better than the book and I must try it asap. I tried to buy the movie in video stores, online stores and so on. But unfortunately couldn’t get it anywhere. I tried my last hope and tried to get it on hire from BigFlix informed that the DVD of The Secret is not available in India. The online stores had no option of delivering it in India and in most cases the shipping cost was higher than the DVD of the movie itself. I so badly wanted to watch the movie that I kept thinking of ways to get it delivered from abroad through some friends who might be travelling to India soon....and guess what? The law of attraction worked. Of course it took some time, but it did work. A very dear friend of mine gave me a link on the internet where I could watch the movie. Suddenly I had the “aha-moment” of my life! Yes, the law of attraction works.

This, many of my readers may find silly. I do not complain if you do. But again, it’s all about believing honestly. I do believe in the law of attraction.

I started to think about more such instances that had happened in my life, which could be linked with the “Law of Attraction”. I found many. On and off, I am going to share my experiences here on my blog about these experiences where I strongly believe that the “Law of Attraction” worked.

One of the most recent experiences where I think the “Law of Attraction” worked is when I was almost slipping into depressing loneliness. I have always been a people person. Love people around me and I had loads of friends during my college days. But life moved on and for work related transfers, I could hardly make new friends with whom I could hang out for long. In the course of transfers, I had to come to Kolkata. I joined PwC immediately after the transfer. It was one of the most boring workplaces I’ve ever worked in. Being a non-Bengali, I had no friends except my immediate colleagues. I felt terribly lonely. A year and half passed and I assumed, perhaps, I have become incapable of making friends. But the feeling of loneliness was so annoying. I badly wanted to have friends to go out with, hang out with and have fun with.

One fortunate day, while coming back from office, I saw one glow sign where it was written in Bengali “Haat Barhalei Bondhutta” (Meaning: If you just stretch out your hand, there's friendship)! That was another of my “aha-moments”. It felt as if it’s a sign from the almighty above! I was woken up from my slumber. Realised, yes, I actually didn’t even try to make friends. I didn’t seek, I just complained to myself of being lonely. That changed my lonely life in Kolkata. I started to open up, meet people, and decided to revive my old friendships outside Kolkata as well. I am pleasantly surprised to see the “Law of Attraction” working here. I changed the pattern of my thoughts from “not having friends, lonely” to “wish I had loads of friends” and this really worked. I have many great friends now who are like minded and great fun to be with. “Law of Attraction” rocks! Just believe!


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