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Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I was about to make a "to do" list for today. I have so much to do for my websites, magazines, household chores and so on…. I thought of doing the chores first so that I can focus on my real work (read: websites, magazines) more. Then this realization struck hard. The first to do in the chores list was to clean the dining table sparkling clean. It has a few spots on the glass and it bugs me. But then I thought, it will soon be time for lunch and one of us will drop something on the “just cleaned” table without paying any respect to the fact that it was cleaned just a few minutes back. Then I will have to clean it again and again and again and this will continue till the last moment of my life. Suddenly I realized that household chores are the most thankless, tiresome, boring things to do and the women folk have been doing it since - forever. Why? And why don’t we respect the fact that the nasty work gets done by somebody in the house and we are least bothered to even recognize it?
I hate doing those nasty chores. I even don't like to cook. For me, cooking is another most thankless job. You prepare, cook, serve, eat and then it's over. Then you do the winding up of the kitchen, dining table, do the dishes and there comes another meal time! Then you do that all over again! There is no evidence of your hard work, proof of your creativity or sincerity etc. that you put in while cooking. 
Chores, I still do. Why? Simply because I am a woman and an Indian woman at that! Given a chance, I will not litter my house to begin with and whoever does, he or she gets to clean it too! Well, that must be possible in a dream world! If I happen to meet those people who made this rule that Indian women should do all the household chores and Indian men shouldn’t even bother themselves thinking if they should help, all I would want to tell them is: $#@% you!
Okay, going back to finish my "to do" list and then to actually do those…

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